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Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Based in Brighton and Hove, I’ve worked as a remedial massage therapist and Pilates teacher for over 20 years. I’m qualified as a Body Control Pilates teacher and am an accredited HIP Pilates™ teacher. I hold a Diploma from the London School of Sports Massage as well as diplomas in Aromatherapy and Swedish massage.


Introducing JK

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

"We have both gradually progressed from complete beginners to the point where we are now doing fairly advanced movements during most of our one hour class. Our flexibility has increased quite dramatically thanks to Jane, and some movements we were unable to complete at first are now achievable. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to try, or continue with, mat pilates. Jane always manages to sustain a nice, friendly atmosphere during the class, whilst keeping us all working hard! "

Alain & Linda H

Our Classes

JK one-to-one induction
JK Beginners
JK Intermediate

What Clients Say

"I have been attending Jane’s classes for over 3 years. They are very friendly and relaxed and Jane always gives everyone her personal attention (adjusting exercises where necessary to cater for individual needs). This means each person is given a good level of challenge to suit them. The classes have a consistent core set of exercises that we build on, progressing over time, and are kept varied with the use of different equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane for anyone looking for a Pilates class in Brighton and Hove."

Rebecca C

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